Our youth & family ministry at Redeemer serves youth and families through various activities, events, and Bible studies. Our goal is to have our youth grow both spiritually and in community with one another in preparation for leading lives and Christians in this world. Friends are always welcome to join us for any of our scheduled events or activities.

Sunday School
Sunday school if offered each week for all ages. Faith is the foundation for an entire life of decision making, problem solving and caring for others, and it requires special nurture and care. We have classes for pre-school aged children through high school. Each week your child will learn a lesson from a dedicated, loving volunteer, so that they can learn how great their God is, how much he loves them, and how he is always looking after them.

Jesus said to his disciples “Follow Me”. That simple phrase by our savior is part of the basis for Confirmation. So why do we do Confirmation in the Lutheran Church? Confirmation is not commanded in the Bible nor do we even see the word Confirmation in the Scriptures. Lutherans also do not believe that it is a sacrament (a sacred act tied combined with a physical element, like Baptism.)

As Lutherans, we still believe and teach that Christians should be confirmed for the following reasons:

1. Confirmation links the individuals to their Baptism and celebrates the reception of the Lord’s Word among them.

2. Confirmation declares of an individual that he or she is a Christian who has been baptized, confesses the faith, and is in communion with Christ and His Church.

Confirmation is not a rite of passage. Confirmation is a process of discipleship. It is the studying and applying the faith of the Christian Church into which you were baptized. Confirmation day is a very special day when you publicly announce and confess that the faith you were baptized into is the same faith to which you are committing your life. On Confirmation day you are promising to continue to grow in your faith in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Confirmation is not a graduation. Just as when you graduate from high school or college you will continually learn throughout your life, so it is that after Confirmation day you are still called to continually grow in your faith and live your life according to that faith.

Confirmation class is a formal learning environment for students to learn about the Bible and their Christian faith. However, that is just a small fraction of time. Faith is most importantly taught in the home.

Confirmation class is usually a two year process beginning in 7th grade. However, there is no age that is set in stone and classes my change. We are constantly looking at ways to improve our Confirmation process here at Redeemer. Currently, classes are held on Wednesday evenings beginning at 6:00 P.M. September-May.

Special Youth & Family Events

Family Ministry
Families are very important to us at Redeemer. We want you to know that your family will always be welcomed here and a part our Church family. You and your children are an important part of the church and we aew here to support you and your family’s faith. We offer a number of activities for families throughout the year including a movie nights, birthday parties for Jesus, Easter egg hunts etc.

Vacation Bible School (VBS)
Every summer Redeemer hosts a five day Vacation Bible Study. Every year we have a new, fun theme, but always a theme that points children to Jesus and how much he loves them. When your children come to Vacation Bible School they will have fun with their friends, meet new friends, sing lots of fun songs, play games, and many other activities.
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