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3K/4K Preschool Curriculum


The teaching staff is certified in Early Childhood, and is accredited with the Wisconsin Department of Children and Families. The teacher to student ratio is state regulated. Wisconsin Model Early Learning Standard (principles that reflect knowledge of children based in scientific research) and our commitment to young children and their families are used in guiding curricula development.

Our teachers use Love and Logic a powerful yet caring tool for educational staff and parents for discipline strategies. www.loveandlogic.com

The Redeemer Lutheran Church Preschool is an environment where learning comes alive and that facilitates in a young child a love to learn.

It is our mission to teach the word of Jesus and developmentally appropriate curricula, which meet State curriculum standards, such as the Wisconsin Model Early Learning Standards. Individual learning and small-size classes are built off our foundation of a strong commitment to your child’s education. It is important for children to have a positive environment with positive interactions to help develop their physical, social, emotional, spiritual, and intellectual well-being. This allows each child to learn through their own creativity and self development, while laying the ground work for reading, writing, math and thinking processes.

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Here is an example of what your child will learn and experience at Redeemer Lutheran Church's Preschool:

  • Jesus Time - “Jesus Loves Me”,” I am Special” and “Me at Three” curricula include stories, songs, art, and prayer and occasional visits with our pastors.

  • Play - Various learning centers are set up to enhance a child’s learning of the world in what they live in.

  • Music - We use songs, finger plays, rhymes, records, creative movement, folk dance and various cultures’ music. Guest musicians come in to class to present music enrichment.

  • Snack - Children learn as they set the tables, learn to share by bring snacks, and develop manners, language skills and nutrition.

  • Art - The children express emotions and learn who they are and what they like by means of drawing, coloring, painting, use of play dough, cutting glue, collage, and more.

  • Language Development - Books, charting, show and tell, “I am special” poster, calendar sign language, weather observation, alphabet with High Hat.

  • Gross Motor - Slides, climber, inner tube, basketball hoops, bean bags, bike, balls, and scooters.

  • Fine Motor - Weaving, sewing, stringing, cutting, cutting, play dough.

  • Math - Counting, number recognition, comparison, categorizing and measuring, time, money.

  • Science - Planting, magnets, experiments, and more.

  • Fun Days - “Veggie Day”, “Pajama Day”, “Hat Day”, and more
  • Field Trips - Pumpkin Patch, Submarine tour, Schuette Park.
  • Special Board - This is an avenue used to develop self-conceptualization, language development, and socialization. Child may bring one item for show and tell during assigned special week.

  • Concepts - Colors, shapes, senses, animals and the seasons are presented through out the school year.

  • Cultural Diversity - Children learn about various cultures and the way they celebrate holidays, clothing styles, dances, and food.

  • Community Resource People - Through out the year we invite guest to speak to the students about issues pertaining to the young child, such as fireperson, police officers, dental workers, and more

  • Special Events - Christmas program, Graduation program, Halloween party, Valentine’s party, baking, cooking.

  • Socialization - Through games, snack time and free play, the children have many opportunities to interact with all the other children in the class.

  • Reading and writing - Children are introduced to a variety of alphabet activities, letter tracing, and exposure to age appropriate books.

  • Dramatic play - Regular opportunities for “make believe” during free time and in specialty designated areas (store, family living area, bakery, post office, and more.

  • Outdoor/ Indoor Play - Large group games, individual choice.